XOX Printable Valentine Card
XOX Hugs and Kisses Printable Valentine Card
XOX Print and Fold Instant Valentine Card

Printable Valentine Card - XOX Kisses and Hugs

$5.00 USD

XOX kiss, hug, kiss. Really, what more do you need to say with a Valentine Card?

This printable valentine card comes in two versions: The really easy version (download, print, cut and fold) and the ridiculously easy (download, print and fold). Just make sure you open the card in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

For more details printing and paper guides as well as our FAQs.

- 2 Letter-sized PDFs displaying one 4.1 x 6 inches / 148mm × 105mm template.
- 2 A4 PDFs displaying one 4.1 x 6 inches / 148mm × 105mm template. 


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