Pre-Press File Preparation Add On

Pre-Press File Preparation Add On

$25.00 USD

If you're having your files professionally printed, we highly recommend you send an e.m.papers sample printable to your selected printer first to see if they can work with it.

Often times they can. However many printers also require that files are set up in a specific way that works for them. This may include:

  • Setting up a template (like a wedding invitation) one to a page
  • Using a specific software template
  • Setting up the file so that text is no longer editable
  • Making changes to color settings

Sometimes this even involves us having a short conversation over email with your print service representative.

If you'd like our help properly setting up files for your professional printer, order one Pre-Press File Preparation Add On for each template.

For example, if you're ordering a pre-press set up for a Printable Wedding invitation, order one Pre-Press File Preparation Add On ($25). If you're ordering a pre-press set up for each template in a Printable Wedding Invitation Set, order three Pre-Press File Preparation Add Ons ($75).

Leave any notes or instructions below. If you're using an online print service, leave us a link to their file instruction set-up page. We'll contact you via email within 1-2 business days. We'll complete your files within 3 business days (this can vary depending on how much back and forth is required). You'll receive your final printable(s) per Email.

Please note, when you order your printable(s) you'll still get a download link to the original 'as is', instant download file(s). You can ignore this file, or use it as you like!