Why Printables?

A few reasons that printables are a great alternative to traditional stationery and paper goods.

Printable Cards Are Instant.

Sometimes it's just not convenient to run to the gift shop, or wait for a cards or invitations to arrive from an online printer. With e.m.papers printables, you can download a card or template and produce it within minutes. 

Printable Stationery Is Easy to Make.

Just download, type in your stationery text (if applicable), print and cut! For more details take a look at our instructions on how to print your wedding printables as well as a printable printing guide and a paper guide that explains sizing and what kind of paper or card stock to use .

Printables Are Budget Friendly.

Printing cards or invitations at home is infinitely cheaper than ordering them from a printer or an online print service. In the case of wedding stationery it's quite dramatic.

For example, here's the cost breakdown for 100 printable Wedding Invitations, RSVPs, save the dates, thank you cards, wedding programs, escort cards (or place cards), printable menus, table numbers and wedding seating signs from e.m.papers:

$99 e.m.papers complete printable wedding stationery kit
$100 Paper, envelopes and ink cartridges
$199 Total

From a Standard Online Vendor or Printer:

$175 Invitations
$105 RSVPs
$175 Thank You Cards
$150 Programs
$150 Menus
$110 Place Cards
$75 Table Numbers & Seating Charts
$940 Total

This type of cost savings applies to other 'large run' stationery items, such as printable christmas cards too.

Printable Invitations are great for bilingual weddings or multi-language events.

If you’re using our wedding printables, you can make different versions of the same card in another language (as long as it’s a Roman-character based language).

Printables are Re-usable.

All e.m.papers printable templates are reusable. You can print them out as many copies as you like, as many times as you want. This is especially great for items like birthday and thank you cards, as well as items like printable calendars and bookmarks, which you can also give out as gifts.