How to Make a Printable Table Number

You will need the following Supplies:

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • An X-acto blade or craft knife, with fresh blades
  • A cutting surface
  • Your selected paper stock, (card stock recommended)

1. Open the file in Adobe Reader.

2. Select the 'highlight fields' in Adobe Acrobat.

Printable wedding table number

3. Type a table number into each field.

You may need multiple copies of this file to produce enough table number cards, so it's wise to do a 'Save as' of the file, creating multiple files as you go.
Printable wedding table numbers

4. Print the table number cards.

First print the file on scrap paper to proofread.  Once you've reviewed the draft print-out and determined that everything looks good, print the cards on your chosen paper-stock.

5. Cut the cards.

In horizontal/landscape format, lightly score the entire sheet across the middle, using the tiny dashed lines above the numbers as guides. Then, cut along the solid crop marks running vertically down the sheet.
Printable table number table tents

6. Fold.

Fold each table number card along the middle where the score line was made, the number card should be able to stand on it's own. Alternatively your printable table card can be cut in half and placed in a card stand. Place on individual tables.