Eleanor Reagh Mayrhofer

I ’m Eleanor Reagh Mayrhofer. I'm a firm believer in being ‘half-assed crafty’. I don’t have a sewing machine, a glue gun or a hobby room.
Instead, I use my design skills to whip up quick little paper projects
to print on my 70 Euro Canon Pixma printer.  

I design DIY paper items that look surprisingly good.
So good they prompt friends to say ‘You made this? Wow! You’re
so creative!’ So much bang for so little buck.

With e.m.papers printables you can enjoy this satisfying feeling too.
I grew up in my father’s letterpress printshop in Los Angeles. I never wanted anything remotely to do with it. Letterpress printing wasn't cool in the 70s and 80s.
The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree though, and I ended up studying graphic design and absorbing much of my fathers wisdom on book arts, the craft of good design and typography.
I went on to work at a large digital agency in Europe for 10 years as a designer on digital projects for clients like Vodafone, BMW and General Motors. I drifted into creative project management and found myself working more in PowerPoint and Excel than Photoshop and Illustrator.
I’m congenitally late remembering birthdays and getting cards, and since I’m a designer, I usually just quickly design a card and print it at home. My boyfriend got in the habit of asking me to make cards for birthdays, anniversaries, or whatever minutes before we left for the event.
I really enjoyed this last minute card designing and noticed it had become the sole outlet for my creativity.  I realized I could offer people good design, convenience and instant gratification selling my card designs online as PDF downloads. e.m.papers was born.
iconoclash photo of red geo notecards
I became increasingly frustrated in my corporate job and started dedicating more time to e.m.papers on the side. When my boyfriend and I got married, I designed our wedding invitations. I didn’t print them at home (my dad being a letterpress printer and all ) but I did print all the other stuff like our wedding menus, programs and seating lists.
Printing my wedding invitations with my dad - Letterpress - e.m.papers
wedding seating list - e.m.papers
our home printed wedding programs
I wondered what someone would do if she wasn’t a designer but wanted to DIY her own wedding stationery in a way that was easy yet looked professional and well designed. I figured out how to create editable PDF templates and created my first suite of wedding printables and e.m.papers really started to take off.
The wedding invitation design I created for my own wedding was featured in The New York times. Other e.m.paper designs can be found on Goop, Apartment Therapy, Oh So Beautiful Paper and Design Milk. So that’s pretty great.
e.m.papers as seen on banner
I’m also proud of the fact that my customers are a pretty satisfied bunch. Here are some highlighted testimonials and all of e.m.papers product reviews at a glance.
I ultimately quit my day job, went freelance and was able to spend more time on e.m.papers. I’m still in Europe; Munich, Germany to be exact, where I live with my husband, our toddler daughter and Louie, a Welsh Pembroke Corgi. 
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