Early e.m.papers; Eleanor and Molly

Eleanor at Munich weddinge.m.papers originally started as a wedding invitation business in the mid-nineties by me, Eleanor, and my friend Molly. The first initial of our first names were the 'e' and 'm' in e.m.papers. The designing part was fun, but we weren’t quite ready to run a business. We closed e.m.papers, Molly started a family and I moved to Germany.

This is around the time the internet happened. 

Several years later, In the summer of 2007  it seemed like a good idea to give e.m.papers another go and bring it online selling printables; download and print-at-home greeting cards and paper goods. 

A good friend of ours was getting married in California, in the course of the celebrations I brought the idea up to Molly, her response was basically 'Go for it!' and e.m.papers was reborn.

I started creating printable stationery, paper goods and invitations while continuing at my  full-time day job. Every time I designed  holiday cards, a last-minute birthday card or gift labels for personal use, I uploaded the design to e.m.papers.

When I got married, I leveraged my skill as a professional graphic designer to "scratch my own itch" and produce wedding invitations, thank you notes, save the dates, escort cards for my own two weddings (to the same guy in two different countries.) I refined my products through this process, along with helping some of my girlfriends with their weddings. 

Within a couple of years and, especially after the launch of the DIY printable wedding invitations I was able to quit my day job to work on e.m.papers full time! Since then, e.m.papers products have been featured in magazines such as Martha Stewart Weddings, BRIDES as well as highlighted in blogs such as Apartment Therapy, Design Milk and Oh So Beautiful Paper. e.m.papers was also hailed as a 'Rockstar Business' in Chris Gullibeau's book The $100 Dollar Start-up.