Zombies, Bats and Dia De Los Muertos - Printable Halloween Party Invitations

Bats Printable Halloween Party Invitation Template

Dia De Los Muertos Halloween Party Printable Wedding Invitation

Zombie Apocalypse Printable Halloween Invitation Template

Trick or Treat Halloween Party Invitation Template

I hustled and got some Halloween Party invitations out. You can only get them on the Etsy store right now, but if you've already made your spooky party plans no, worries, there's always next year, when Halloween is on a Saturday night.

I sadly confess, we don't really have any Halloween plans this year. It's not such a big deal here in Munich (although it is becoming a bigger deal, as I wrote about last year on Wahlmünchnerin, my blog about Munich) Maybe we'll get together next year and throw a party. If we do, at least I already know what invites I'll use!

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