What I Did In September

What did I do in September? Clearly I didn't post on this blog! But with good reason, it was a jam packed month visiting loved ones on the West Coast. Here's what I did in no particular order:

Drove around in this snazzy number (we were upgraded at the airport)

Lazed in the hamock we bought last summer in Ecuador. We hung it up at my folk's place in Sebastopol after realizing we can't cram every type of patio paraphanelia on to our micro-terrace.

Spent an enchanting evening overlooking the beautiful Monte Rio golf course (yes! this is a golf course!) with beloved family friends.

Ate the best strawberries in the world (from the Laotian family on Highway 12!) often and with abandon.

Finally spent a day working at Makeshift Societey in San Francisco, before I gave my Steal This Process workshop there later that evening.

Ate at hoity-toity restaurants in SF. This is the bar at 'Rich Table'

Enjoyed local Sebastopol art, like these letterpress cards.

Played lots of bacci ball with family and friends on the giant court my dad created with his sit-down lawn mower.

Continued to have my breath taken away every time I saw the Golden Gate Bridge. This is an instagram I got while spending a day with a dear friend at Lands End.

Paid six bucks to drive through a tree at a tourist trap off of Avenue of the Giants in Humboldt Redwoods State Park (totally worth it!)

Shouted with glee when we saw this on the highway, as forgotten childhood vacation road trip memories of this silly Paul Bunyan statue instantaneously resurfaced.

Stayed in this cheezy, but charmingly run-down hotel off the beaten track in one of the northernmost regions of Cali. It was worth it for the sign alone.

Spent several hours at this famous Portland, Oregon book store. Spending time in English-language book stores is a pleasure I rarely get to enjoy living in Germany, and this one is one of the best. I could have spent days in there.

Drove along the awe inspiring Columbia Gorge after visiting my little sister in Hood River, Oregon. This picture does it no justice at all.

Enjoyed a lively poker game with my family in my Dad's print shop office (also known as 'Lucky's Card Room') Quote of the evening "This is like playing poker in a nut house!"

Recorded all the intro videos for my Steal this Process Time and Project Management course. Complete with scripts and outfit changes.

...makeshift film studio for the videos


Enjoyed walking at the Laguna de Santa Rosa

Scored a bunch of high-quality off cuts (paper scraps) from my dad for Advent workshops I'll be offering in Munich in November (stay tuned!)

Ate at another hoity-toity restaurant in Sebastopol. I had fried chicken and waffles (I guess this is the new thing that's being gourmet-ified)

Had heart-breakingly good mexican food at a strip mall in Merced, California with my cousin, his step daughter and my hub.

Admired the new (!) bay bridge.

We've been back for about a week now, my jetlag is finally subsiding and I'm getting back into the groove, so expect updates here to be more frequent again!

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