Wedding Invitation Designs: A Valentine Wedding

Is there anything sweeter or more romantic than a wedding on Valentine's Day? Not only is it romantic for the couple celebrating their nuptials, but also for guests!

Here are some e.m.papers wedding invitation designs that work especially well if you decide to get married on February 14th.

Printable Wedding Invitation - Vintage Wedding Rings With Crowns, Banner and Heart

This regal set of printable wedding templates (appropriately named 'Kate and Wills') also hints at cupids influence with a sweet red heart placed between the two wedding rings.

This next one, a wedding invitation design called 'Two Hearts' is an obvious candidate. Two rough hewn overlapping hearts say it all. This printable invitation works especially well for a modern wedding celebration.

Printable Wedding Invitation - Two Hearts - Red and Blue Heart

This next wedding invitation set, 'Monogram Arrows' features both cupids arrows joined by a heart. Good for a wedding that wants to acknowledge Valentine's day, but doesn't want to be too 'on the nose' about it. The extra 'day of' wedding printables like the printable place cards carry the valentine theme throughout.

Printable Wedding Invitation - Heart and Arrows Monogram

Printable Wedding Place Cards - Heart and Arrows Monogram

Finally, this wedding invitation design 'Simple Heart' embraces love and simplicity with it's heart within a circle motif, perfect for a heartfelt Valentine wedding.

Printable Wedding Invitation Set - Simple Heart

Happy V day! I hope some of these wedding invitation designs gave you some inspiration for your Valentine's day wedding celebration!

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