Wedding Ideas: Purple Wedding

Purple has been symbolically linked with passion but also royalty, most likely because it's one of the more rare colors found in nature. It's also a great choice for wedding accents. More lavender and lilac hues work in fall and summer, while deeper plums and violets are great for fall and winter celebrations.

Some ideas:

1.Royal  purple flats. I wore flats at my wedding and think that I had 10x much fun as I would have had I worn heels.

2. Lavender. This beautiful flower works in both cuttings and in pots. Think how you're wedding will smell!

3. Floating candles in a lilac color. Just plop these in jars full of water and you're good to go!

4. The purple accents on the Silohuette printable wedding menu template add some splash without over doing it.

Links to images: Purple Flats, Lavender, Candles

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