Valentine's Day Mixed Tape From e.m.papers

Man I love putting together playlists!

So here's one for Valentine's Day for all of you! Sorry if you don't have Spotify. I highly recommend getting the free version if only to hear my awesome playlist. Here's the run down, with some of my amateur liner notes:

Amarsi Un Po by Lucio Battisti - I first heard this song two summers ago at an Italian restaurant in Quito, Ecuador. I don't usually stop everything to ask 'Oh my god! what is this SONG?!' but this one did it to me. Luckily my husband had Shazam at the ready and we found out. It's an old Italian pop hit, and if I were an Italian dude I would definitely cue this one up for a little amore.

Come To Me by Björk - I don't mind telling you that I am a big ol' Björk fan. This hypnotic ditty is off her debut solo album...'Debut'.

I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby by Barry White - Well, it just wouldn't be Valentine's Day without Barry.

Je T'Aime Moi Non Plus by Serge Gainsboug with Jane Birkin - My big valentine this year is the internet. I heard this song years ago as a kid on a Möet commercial. I had no idea who sang it or what the name is, but all I had to do was google 'Möet + sexy french song' to find out, then enter it into Spotify and voilà I'm listening to it a few moments later.

Ambulance by TV on The Radio - 'I will be your screech and crash if you will be my crutch and cast' The relationshiop described in this song may be not the healthiest, but it's dedicated!

Let's Spend The Night Together by The Rolling Stones - You can't not be in a good mood and want to love the one your with when you hear this one.

Red Velvet Seat by Aloe Blacc - An intense ode to his woman, from one of my favorite neo-soul crooners.

What A Wonderful Thing Love Is by Al Green - A classic from an OG soul crooner.

Sweet Thing by Van Morrison - I don't totally understand what he's saying, but I think it's about love, and this song has always given me warm fuzzies.

Drunk in Love by Beyoncé - This song makes me want to be in high school again. And yes, I did discover it via that silly Vin Diesel YouTube video.

You're Gonna Get It by Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings - The hardest working woman in show business, the amazing Sharon Jones is back on tour after fighting a battle with cancer. I love her! This was also the first dance song at our wedding (awww).

Love Hangover by Diana Ross - Hope you've got one on February 15th.

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