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One of the internet watering holes I visit to find some inspiration is (or was) Felt & Wire. Felt & Wire was a clever title referring to the paper making process; the blog is all about print design.

Now Felt & Wire is called the Mohawk Blog (it's part of the Mohawk Paper Company), but it's still got the same great content. Thoughtful posts on everything from people who have quit their day jobs to pursue creative endeavors, sample projects and celebrations of physical mail and the art of correspondence.

Mohawk Field Guide
In addition to the blog they have a quarterly field guide. A beautiful printed journal produced by top notch designers/agencies. Alas, they only ship to the US and Canada so I don't get it. But you can sign up for it here.
Mohawk Blog

You'll also find something there called Mohawk Field Guides. These are 'a series of comprehensive, printed guides designed to inspire and educate designers, their clients and printers on the importance of choosing the right materials for print.'

Here's a nice video highlighting the Field Guide on Paper Color and Texture:

It's a great blog to enter into your feed or an inspirational spot to pop over to when you need a break in your day.

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