The Best Valentine's Day Gift I've Ever Gotten


About this time every year my husband's (and my ex) firm goes on a group ski trip in the Dolomites. There is a great Hütte down there you can only get to via a one hour hike.

One year the trail was especially icy. You could walk, but it was very easy to oversee spots of ice and slip and fall. I know most people don't enjoy slipping and falling, but I was especially freaked out by this state of affairs. I was walking as if I had rigamortis, and despite the winter chill in the air, sweat was rolling down my back because I was so worried about falling.

One false step, and BLAM! head split open on the ice...that sums up the running monologue in my head.

Warming up before dinner in our little cabin after a day on the slopes the following day, my husband presented me with a little plastic bag. 'Happy Valentine's Day', he said as he handed me the bag. Inside it were crampons. Crampons are little metal teeth that you can affix to hiking boots to avoid sliding on ice. He had gone to the local ski store and picked some up for me.  I have never been so happy to get a Valentine's day gift in my life.

Chocolates, champagne, jewelry; I have no use for these things. I'll take a practical (and perhaps life saving) gift from an sweet, observant and thoughtful husband any day!

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