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How to Make A Wedding Save the Date Email

It seems like every time I turn around there is a new digital wedding stationery and website service. I'm a traditionalist and still think wedding invitations should be on actual paper sent in the actual mail, but I get why some couples go the online route. Sending wedding stationery via email especially makes sense when it comes to save the dates for a couple of reasons. There is urgency; you need to get on your guests calendars, you also need to get an idea of how many guests you'll have.  It's true the official wedding head count comes with the return of wedding RSVPs, but informally, once you send out the save the dates, you'll find out which potential guests...

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e.m.papers in Real Life: Calligraphy Monogram Wedding Invitation

I love it when customers send me images of their e.m.papers wedding printables! Todays lovely example comes from Jillian, who used the Calligraphy Monogram printable wedding invitation. She printed the invite out on cream/ivory paper and mounted it on black card stock. I think it looks really elegant. Creating a high class wedding invitation like this is deceptively easy. You may need to print the invitation a little smaller (or make the overall invitation larger). Then, just purchase the black card stock backing at a craft store (it's often pre cut, but you can purchase larger sheets and cut these yourself too). Just make sure you find envelopes that fit.  You can use spray glue or just a couple of...

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Can you print gold on a home printer?

Can you 'print gold' on your home printer? Yes, sort of. You can get a 'gold effect' using an image that mimics the appearance of gold like the the pattern on the Glamorous printable thank you note shown above. This will work on any printer, laser or ink jet. To make the gold actually shiny, you need to use gold foil. But you only accomplish this with special tools like a laminator machine or gold foil sheets, and often these only work with a laser printer. Fortunately, you can try out all of our designs which use the gold effect technique before actually making a purchase. Just click the sample download link under 'Try it out First' I've also got a few direct...

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Real World Tips From APW readers Who Printed Their Own Wedding Invitations

If you're getting married and you don't know about the blog, 'A Practical Wedding' it's high time you discovered it! Not only is it full of practical wedding advice, it offers a unique feminist perspective on all things wedding, marriage and life. A few posts on the site that talk about printing your own wedding invitations. Within the extensive  comments you'll find some very happy e.m.papers customers (hey!) but also invaluable insights from people who have actually printed their own. I encourage you to take a look, but look at the posts and the comments in their entirety, but I've picked out some of the most helpful nuggets here. From 'How to Print Your Own Wedding Invitations' From Another Alice:  "1)...

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How To Get A Helpful Wedding Invitation Sample - Free And On Demand!

  Planning a wedding requires a lot of decisions and a lot of expenses. It can be agonizing (I still remember having decision fatigue after all of our wedding events). Usually you're doing everything for the first time, and you want things to be just right. If you're using wedding printables, you might have a lot of questions and concerns. How will the invitations look printed on my printer? How long will they take to print? Will all of our wedding invitation wording fit? Will the design look good with the super cool card stock I found? The best way to answer all of these questions is to take a wedding printable out for a test drive. How do you that?...

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