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e.m.papers in Real Life: Water Color Flowers Printable Wedding Reception Items

Some days you open up your inbox and find out you've hit the jackpot. That's what happened when I received these beautiful photos from Erika Mattingly.They're from a wedding that took place in Syracuse, Indiana who used items from my Water color flowers printable wedding set. These photos do a really good job of showing how easily you can make an impact with home made wedding programs, table new numbers and place cards. The ceremony chairs are pretty standard (we used these same ones in brown for our backyard wedding ceremony) but placing a pretty, handmade floral wedding program on each one really personalizes and beautifies the space. Same thing with the reception tables. The decorations are lovely but spare; simple...

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Inspiration From Dad

On this Fathers Day I thought I’d write about how I’m inspired by my dad. The trigger was this little card.  My dad whipped it out on a recent visit. I think it’s fantastic and clever. It’s a bit of wordplay with his name; Patré instead of Pat Reagh (tee tee) and nods to his online endeavour of making and selling metal type on Ebay.  I think the layout, the color selection and the typography are all just perfect. Not to mention, of course, the quality of the letterpress printing. The thing that inspires me most is that my Dad is having fun. He’s already built his business, put his daughters through school and setup a secure life. He doesn’t...

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Ausflug: (Fookin') Bruges

My parents were here for a visit to meet Emmie in April. Since they flew all the way over from California, it made sense to visit a few other places in Europe while they were here.One of these places was Bruges, in  Belgium. Now, the only reason I know of Bruges is because of the very wonderful movie In Bruges. A strange little black comedy about two Irish hit men that are forced to lay low 'In Bruges' for awhile. One of the hit men played by ColinFarrell is deeply irritated at having to be there. He keeps referring to it as Fu*king Bruges, but with an Irish accent 'Fookin' Bruges'. As a result, I  ant refer to Bruges without...

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Our Baby Announcements

You might notice that I don't have any printable baby announcements on the site. That's because even before I had a baby I figured right after giving birth is not when one wants to jump into a DIY project. After our daughter was born I thought about it though, printing our own announcements. I have since learned how easy it is to be waaaay to ambitious about doing things when you have a baby. I have to remind myself that I can only do a fraction of the non-mom things I'd like to do (like post on this blog) at least for the next while. This left me in a bit of a quandary. Everyone knows I'm a card designer...

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e.m.papers in Real Life: Calligraphy Monogram Wedding Invitation

I love it when customers send me images of their e.m.papers wedding printables! Todays lovely example comes from Jillian, who used the Calligraphy Monogram printable wedding invitation. She printed the invite out on cream/ivory paper and mounted it on black card stock. I think it looks really elegant. Creating a high class wedding invitation like this is deceptively easy. You may need to print the invitation a little smaller (or make the overall invitation larger). Then, just purchase the black card stock backing at a craft store (it's often pre cut, but you can purchase larger sheets and cut these yourself too). Just make sure you find envelopes that fit.  You can use spray glue or just a couple of...

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