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My Precious, Hoarded Stash of DAISO Store Envelopes

My husband and I have traveled a lot of the world together, Australia, India, Mexico, Ecuador, all through Europe and the U.S. By far the most exhilarating trip we ever took together was a quick few days in Tokyo. It was the last stop on a tour that started from Germany, to Western Australia and on to California for our second wedding ceremony. Besides booking hotel and grabbing a travel guide at the airport in Singapore, we didn't plan for it at all. We were both surprised by the backslapping openness of the people. We loved the food. We went to the fish market at 5 a.m. and ate the most incredible sashimi I have ever tasted (up until that point I thought I...

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Inspired by Meghan and Harry: New Printable Wedding Menu Design

I wasn't planning on working on new printable wedding designs until later this year, but all the excitement and buzz around the upcoming royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry has got me inspired. I kind of hate to admit it, but I kind of get into all the pomp and circumstance of these royal events. I watched 'Downton Abbey' and am really enjoying 'The Crown' and I suprised everyone (including myself) by sobbing my head off watching Princess Diana's funeral. Don't ask me why, it's a mystery. However the Meghan Markle thing is kind of special. A close friend and fellow American expat breathlessly asked me a couple of days ago if I felt connected to Ms. Markle seeing...

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It's About The Work

One of the things I wanted to do last year (besides nothing but hang out with my new baby) was think about the direction I wanted to take e.m.papers and take a step back to assess what I've accomplished so far. Part of that process ended up involving taking Aeolidias (very good) course on finding your target customer and booking Lela Barker for 1:1 consulting session. These efforts lead to the conclusion was that I needed to really focus on the work, and refine my personal design style. One of the challenges of running your own online creative online business is that there is a constant tension between creating and marketing. We are blessed and cursed by all the tools at our fingertips to...

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e.m.papers in Real Life: Water Color Flowers Printable Wedding Reception Items

Some days you open up your inbox and find out you've hit the jackpot. That's what happened when I received these beautiful photos from Erika Mattingly.They're from a wedding that took place in Syracuse, Indiana who used items from my Water color flowers printable wedding set. These photos do a really good job of showing how easily you can make an impact with home made wedding programs, table new numbers and place cards. The ceremony chairs are pretty standard (we used these same ones in brown for our backyard wedding ceremony) but placing a pretty, handmade floral wedding program on each one really personalizes and beautifies the space. Same thing with the reception tables. The decorations are lovely but spare; simple...

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Inspiration From Dad

On this Fathers Day I thought I’d write about how I’m inspired by my dad. The trigger was this little card.  My dad whipped it out on a recent visit. I think it’s fantastic and clever. It’s a bit of wordplay with his name; Patré instead of Pat Reagh (tee tee) and nods to his online endeavour of making and selling metal type on Ebay.  I think the layout, the color selection and the typography are all just perfect. Not to mention, of course, the quality of the letterpress printing. The thing that inspires me most is that my Dad is having fun. He’s already built his business, put his daughters through school and setup a secure life. He doesn’t...

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