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Etsy Euro Seller: Moon Through Fog

I recently discovered Moon Through Fog , a Croatian artist. I actually discovered her blog on We Love Indie, and then discovered that she is a crafter/artist living in Europe. She produces really lovely water colors (like the one above) as well as some very nice photographs. She also has a blog where, among other things, you can access her Flickr profile and  find some of the slice of life images she captures of her hometown, Zagreb. She's good - she's been featured in Etsy a lot.  

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Back from India

I just got back from a week long business trip to India. I spent all of my time in a place called Gurgoan, which is basically a sprawling office park/boom town right outside of New Delhi. Saw lots of beautiful typography, art and the like but had no time to take photos or go to markets. I found an Indian Etsy seller Kkrishna who sells some nice Indian paper products though. Enjoy.

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Rad Wrapping Paper

I'm having an internet alpha-omega moment. I'm literally sitting in my bathrobe, I've just had my morning coffee. I checked my e.m.papers mail to find a lovely email from Lexi over at Love.Obsess. Inspire. (who, btw, will be featuring an e.m.papers give away soon). She featured an interview with Jena from Modish. On Modish I found out about Summersville (maker of this fabu wrapping paper.) I went to Summersville's Flickr pool, only to see that weeks ago I commented on and marked one of her images a favorite! "Oh, that's her!" I realized. Me love internet. I could make a tacky plug here about printable gift labels and cards to go with the gift one would wrap with this paper, but I'll...

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Red Bridge Surprise Visit

  Something really neat happened today. I met another Etsy seller for the first time. Tyshawn from Red Bridge Studios contacted me via 'convo' on Etsy. Tyshawn is a silk screen artists and makes really cute pillows, tea towels, zipper purses  and tote bags check out her store here. She sent me a short note letting me know that she was traveling through Germany and was trying to meet with other Etsy sellers. I took it as a small sign from the universe that I should keep on following the handmade/entreprenurial path. We met and went to Munich 72 just across the Isar. We had a nice chat over Apfelmuss Kuchen (applesauce cake) about everything from Germany to Etsy to the virtues...

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