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Fonty Friday - Herr Von Muellerhoff

I love this script typeface. So often script fonts can be overly flourish-y and fussy, but not this one. It is lean and stylish, with a teensy bit of retro flair that I feel really adds elegance and class. Herr Von Muellerhof was orignally a hand lettered script from the Charles Bluemlein Script Collection designed sometime between the 1930s and WWII. It was recently given new life by Buenos Aires-based type foundry Sudtipos. I used in the Glamorous Gold wedding invitation designs and this font combined with the gold imagery does indeed create a feeling of class and glamour. Not only is this typeface elegant, it's also easy to read, which isn't always the case with script fonts. You can download Herr Von Muellerhoff...

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Fonty Friday - Bebas

Bebas is a work horse. It's a font I return to time and time again when I need an unfussy, serious but edgy typeface.  You'll see it in lots of e.m.papers wedding invitation designs like Garden Party, Blue Green Geometric as well as the Minima printable calendar, to name a few.  The font only contains capital letters, which is fitting considering it's no-nonsense construction.  When using Bebas, I usually try and temper it's strength with a nice script font, or very romantic design elements. The contrast  usually makes for a balanced, satisfying design. Download Bebas free here. P.S. You can also download a slightly altered version, Bebas Neue which has a wider variety of characters including European language letters like ä...

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Etsy Love: Starboard Press Wedding Guest Book

Isn't this wedding guest book cute? It's from Etsy seller Starboard Press. Their beautiful shop is full of wedding related items like guest books, thank you notes, wedding favor stamps and wedding coasters. Definitely check it out.   It caught my eye because it has so many similar design elements as the e.m.papers Pink Block Printable Wedding Invitation; the light pink color, the arrow. This combo would be stellar for a valentine wedding, but would obviously work for any kind of nuptial celebration. The arrows on the guest book are navy, instead of black like on the Pink Block wedding invitation design, but that's easy enough to change with a Color Change Add On.But do go look at the Starboard Press shop, they're...

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Fonty Friday: Pats @s

After years of promises, I finally made my dad a website for his letterpress printing business. We had a lot of fun putting it together, photographing his work and projects. Something I've always admired about my dad is his sense of whimsy. He's very clever and playful when it comes to both creating and naming his products. Case in point 'Pats @s'. This is the name he gave to a set of metal type @ signs, which he sells on ebay.  The cool thing about the metal type he sells is that he owns some of the only/last remaining matrices (molds) for these typefaces. So if you're a letterpress printer or enthusiast who wants this specific character, in this specific font...

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Glitzy Glamourous Metallic Tattoos

 Etsy is such a goldmine when it comes to finding fun stuff (ha ha, get it!). I cam across these temporary tatoos and kind of fell in love a little bit. They're from a seller called 'Shimmer Tats'. I have never gotten a tatoo (and never intend to). However I once wore a Tattly at the European Hive Blogger Conference, and I have to admit, I felt like a total rock star. It was really simple black and white type that just said 'Hustler'.  I can only imagine how I'd feel with bling-y tatoos like these. They were promoted as wedding/bridal shower favors, such a good idea!

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