Printable Wedding Menu Template - Gold Strokes

The Gold Strokes printable menu is up and online in the shop! This tea length printable menu is part of a wedding stationery suite, but of course there's nothing stopping you using it for any other kind of celebration. It would work great for an anniversary party or rehearsal dinner for example.

Printable Wedding Menu Template - Gold Strokes

The stroke design on this menu and wedding suite is based on the black ink drawings I did some time ago.

Printable Wedding Menu Template - Gold StrokesNow, you may be wondering how to print gold on your home printer, you can with this design but keep in mind it's a gold effect where it mimics a metallic as opposed to actual gold foil. The easiest way to see what it looks like is to try out this free sample menu (note: all e.m.papers wedding printables listings have links to free sample downloads to try out!)


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