Printable Thank You Cards: New Designs and Endless Possibilities!

Printable Thank You card from e.m.papers

I know we haven't even hit Christmas yet (Just 2 more days!) BUT it's never to early to think about how you'll say thanks for a really special gift. So I thought I'd share some new thank you card designs.

The one above is a collobartion between myself and my friend the very talented artist Stephanie Levy. I paired her sensitive floral illustration with a sleek, simple typeface to create a charming Thank You.

black and white printable thank you note

This Thank You note is a printable from my Flourish printable wedding template set. It's black and white, with a vintate-y feel and timeless look. This would work especially well with an interesting paper selection like craft paper or a bright neon stock.

Finally this striking printable Thank You card is from my new 'Gong Xi' Chinese paper art themed diy wedding printables. Black and red are ALWAYS an impresive, attention grabbing color combo and I really like how their working along with the artwork and typography on this card.

I know that all of my Thank You card printables are under my wedding printables section, but I'd like to remind you that they don't have to be used as wedding cards. All of the printables are in an editable PDF Format:

That means you've got a couple of different ways you can use them.

You can download them, as is and print out multiple copies to give as a gift. A handmade set of Thank You cards, who wouldn't love that?

Or, you could alter the wording (as long as it was somewhat short and fit in the text field for the word 'Thank You') and give it to someone (or yourself!) as a set of personal stationery. Then you'll be the one who'll deserve a nice Thank You note.

These templates are re-usable so you could also use them as a Birthday card or whatever else you can think of. Download once, use forever!

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