Printable Notecards - They're Back!

I'm in the middle of mixing up the e.m.papers printable stationery collection right now. I'm bringing back some printable stationery items - in every category including wedding printables, everyday printables, printable calendars as well as printable wall art - and will be phasing out older printable designs.

When I made the switch to the new store, I cut out printable notecards. They weren't selling that well. I think the problem, though, is that I wasn't marketing notecard templates that much. Which is silly.

Now that I'm already married, these notecard templates are the ones I use the most. This series, called 'Cartouche' a fancy word for a frame or border is one of my favorites.

I always have a bunch on hand. The text is editable on these so I keep them around with for all kinds greeting card uses; a printable Happy Birthday card, a Thank You card, or I type in Eleanor Mayrhofer if I want to use the cards as personalized stationery. 

Since I'm the go-to greeting card person in our family I keep them in a drawer, with matching envelopes (although white envelopes work fine too). I also like using this design with translucent glassine envelopes. You can often find these very cheap in bulk at stationery stores or at the postal supply shops and it adds a little intention to the overall presentation.

How to make note cards? Easy, just throw some white card stock in your home color printer and print, cut and fold. Each card template comes in both US Letter and A4 sizes and the product listing has corresponding envelope size recommendations.

It takes about 20 minutes to make 50. This is well, well worth the effort since it'll keep you from scrambling to buy a birthday card or procrastinating on sending a thank you note because you just don't have the time to buy one.

For more detailed help on making your note cards at home check out our paper guide and printing guide

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