Printable Christmas Cards Are In The Shop!

Christmas Card Template 'Warmest Wishes' Design

In this post I told you about how much fun I had using ink, brush and paper to come up with the basis artwork for my new collection of printable Christmas card designs.

The one I'm sending out as my own personal Christmas card this year is the first one at the top, 'Warmest Wishes'. I initially designed it without the red berries, but then realized something was missing. It needed that pop of red.

Christmas Card Design - Gold Holiday

I'm  really excited about this printable holiday card design, called 'Gold Holiday'. I learned a new trick; how to replicate the look of gold foil. I've printed this out on my little cheap-o Cannon Pixma and it looks great!  You immediately get the gold effect when you look it. This is a stunner of a DIY Christmas card.

Christmas Card Template - Triangle Tree

I really like this Christmas card design too, I called it 'Triangle Tree'. A little less expected and traditional than the others, but I like the retro mod vibe. My grandparent's had some artists friends that would send out Christmas cards every year that they designed themselves in this very 60s style. I suppose that may have been an influence here.

Sadly, each year we get fewer and fewer Christmas cards, which is a shame. I love decorating the apartment with cards, it really kicks-off the holiday season for me.

Sending out my DIY Christmas Cards

I will continue the tradition though! Here I am filling out ours while we stay in the little guest cottage where my folks live in California (does it get any cozier or Christmasy-er than this?!). If you've thought about sending cards this year but haven't yet, it's not to late! You can download the Christmas card templates here.

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