Printable Calendar: Minima

printable calendar

I finished a new printable calendar design. For obvious reasons, I call it 'Minima'. The PDF calendar template is another example of me designing something to scratch my own itch. I'm chronically forgetting birthdays (I don't much care about celebrating my own, so I forget it's kind of a big deal to remember others!)

This calendar, like all of my others is editable. You can click on any of the numbers or text and change them. This is great if you want to create the calendar in another language, add local or regional holidays and you can even change the year and dates and use it for all eternity.

printable calendar

The most practical feature (from my standpoint) is the generous column running down the left side of the page which is reserved for birthdays. A slightly less than subtle reminder of who is celebrating when, to help you remember. You can download the printable calendar here.

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