Print Your Own Valentine Cards - New Designs!

Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us. My German husband thinks that Valentine’s Day is a manufactured American holiday designed to sell candies and cards. While he’s not entirely wrong, Valentine’s Day has a much richer history than one might think.
I’m not the most sentimental person in the world (this, to me, was the most romantic Valentine’s gift ever) but I do enjoy annual rituals and think Valentine’s Day should at least be acknowledged. 
A memory comes to mind: When I was a wee lass in my early twenties one of my first jobs out of art school was at a small book design agency in San Francisco. It was run by two great guys. One Valentine’s Day one of the bosses strolled in with a small heart shaped box of Sees candies for each of the gals in the office. None of us had expected it and we were all totally delighted! The other boss looked like a total heel and took us all out to lunch to redeem himself. The moral of the story: Everyone loves a valentine card or gift - even if it’s not coming from a romantic interest.
Enter e.m.papers newest printable Valentine’s Day cards. Sleek, pragmatic and lovely in their lack of cloying sentimentality. Perfect for your no-nonsense sweetheart.
This year there are three new Valentine designs in the shop. A Netflix Valentine card for all of you low key lovers out there, an XOX (kiss, hug, kiss) valentine card in simple, bold typography fitting for a simple, bold sentiment. Last but not least, a Multi-lingual Printable Valentine card let's your valentine know how much you love him or her in a multitude of languages.
Making your own Valentine’s card doesn’t get easier than this. Really. The cards come in two versions: a cut and fold valentine card, best printed on card stock, and a ‘fold only’ version. The fold only version literally allows you to download the PDF, print it out on regular old printer paper on your regular old printer, fold it and give it to your sweetheart. The design-y look of the card belies the ease in which you can make it.
You are welcome!

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