Pimp My Wedding Printable: Colored Paper

monogram and arrows wedding invitation on yellow paper

I'm a big fan of making a big impact with only a little effort. A great way to do that when it comes to printing your own wedding invitations (or any other kind of stationery) is using colored paper. This works especially well with primarily black invitations.

The Monogram Arrow invite above works well on yellow card stock, which allows the small red heart element to still visually pop.

tandem bicycle wedding invitation on bright green paper

The Tandem bicycle invite is only black and white and this bright green colored paper adds a little bit more fun to this already whimsical design.

Black and white printable wedding invitation on teal paper

Our Classic Black and White wedding invitation is stately and neo-traditional so an unexpected color like this teal/turquoise paper stock really adds some 'oomph'.

printable black and white calligraphy style wedding invitation printed on light gray paper.

A rich, warm-toned gray paper stock adds a depth and sophistication to the simple type only design of the Calligraphy Monogram invitation.

black and white printable wedding invitation printed on pink paper

Pink and black is a timeless color combination. When pink paper is used in combination with the Neo-classical vintage design of our Flourish printable invitation, the look manages to stay classy but witha touch of fun.

black and white royal themed vintage crowns printable wedding invitation printed on pink paper

Craft paper always works well with black and white invitations. Our Kate and Will invite is royal, regal and classic, but has a handmade touch when paired with craft paper. Craft paper also allows for the little pops of red to shine through, like the heart element above the two wedding rings.

Printing black and white wedding invitations at home on colored paper

Many of these diy invites would also look great with round corners, but I printed and photographed these when we were in California and, sadly, forgot to bring my round corner punch with me. I'll have to create another post!

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