Paris Climate Accord Reversed - Midterm Elections Printable Poster #6

Paris Climate Accord Reversed - e.m.papers - midterms election printable poster

I don't think any of us can imagine what a heavy lift this was. And now, just like that, gone.

According to Scientific American, Trumps decision to dump the Paris Climate Accords 'would create 1.8 gigatonnes more CO2 in 2030 than the past administration had envisioned—about 31 percent of 2005 U.S. emissions.'

Look at this horrific graphic:

Results of Trump dumping the Paris Climate Accord - e.m.papers

Here's an idea: Let's try to help our kids and grandkids avoid living in a MadMax dystopia where they spend their days in brutal tribal warfare fighting over a rusty gas can of water.

Download the poster here.

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