New in the Shop: Water Color Flowers Seating List Template

Floral wreath printable wedding seating chart

One of the tasks that was the most difficult when we got married was planning out our wedding seating. It was important that people that sat next to one another would get along, plus we had the added challenge of thinking about making sure that guest seated next to eachother spoke the same language.

Once we got past that hurdle, the fun part was printing out the seating list. I custom designed mine, but the templates shown here use the same method; grouping guests by last name and indicating which table he or she sits at. You can also organize the seating template by table number too.

The colorfol water color flowers form a bright, cheery wreath around the table seating info, which will add an attention getting bit of brightness as guests look for the place.

Instant download the seating template here (or download a test template first) here.

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