Neil Gorsuch - VOTE - Midterm Elections Printable Poster #8

Neil Gorsuch - Stolen Supreme Court Seat - VOTE - e.m.papers - 2018 Midterms Election Motivational Poster

I know this is not the justice everyone is upset about at the moment. It's worth noting, though, that this was a stolen seat. It belonged to an Obama appointee, most likely Merrick Garland.

I don't know how I feel about court packing and the idea of expanding the number of supreme court justices to eleven, but I think it's time to have a serious discussion about it. This Vox explainer is a good place to start. It lays out arguments both for an against it.

It's also worth noting that the democrats were relatively placid with Gorsuch's confirmation. If all the Kavanaugh stuff was payback for Garland, why did they let Gorsuch just sail through?

Download the poster here.

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