Inspiration From Dad

Patrick Reagh alphabetiste
On this Fathers Day I thought I’d write about how I’m inspired by my dad. The trigger was this little card. 
My dad whipped it out on a recent visit. I think it’s fantastic and clever. It’s a bit of wordplay with his name; Patré instead of Pat Reagh (tee tee) and nods to his online endeavour of making and selling metal type on Ebay.  I think the layout, the color selection and the typography are all just perfect. Not to mention, of course, the quality of the letterpress printing.
The thing that inspires me most is that my Dad is having fun. He’s already built his business, put his daughters through school and setup a secure life. He doesn’t have any overly-ambitious goals except to do work that he enjoys. I sometimes hassle him that he should blog or work on his SEO to help sell his new metal type, but then again why? That would turn his creative play into a job and drain out all the fun. 
Me and dad in the print shop
At this point my dad is creating for the love, not the money and it shows in his work. He happily pursues his creative inspirations in his print shop, his garden, in the kitchen and in his morning piano practice sessions.
Dad in Munich
If that’s not a model for how to live creatively, I don’t know what is. Thanks dad!

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