I Believe That We Will Win

#ussoccer 'I believe we will win' mini poster free download

I can not explain why I go so nuts at during the World Cup. It started in 2006 when Germany hosted, and I experienced it on the ground, first hand. I had no idea what a world party it was (how would I? being from the States). I immediately got caught up in Fussballfieber ‘Football Fever’ as the Germans call it.

I’m fascinated by Jürgen Klinsmann’s shake up and reinvigoration of American soccer. I’m also jumping up and down from afar as I read about how fans in America are getting into it. I’m also heartened by the U.S. Soccer theme ‘One Nation, One Team’. I get dismayed about how polarized America is right now, and it would be nice to see some national unity come about as a result of the cup.

I heard about the chant: ‘I believe that we will win!’ on twitter and listening to a podcast on the games. Then I discovered this ESPN ad featuring it on You Tube (which I can’t stop watching). So in preparation for tonights game, and just to add to the festivities I created the printable mini-poster above which you can download and print for free.

This year has been exceptionally exciting. So many surprises! The utter humiliation of reigning champions Spain by Holland, bringing years of domination to a close. Costa Rica surprising everybody (btw, as of today the U.S. and Costa Rica are the only remaining CONCACAF teams in the tournament). Chile almost knocking Brazil out in the round of 16 (if that had gone down, think of the political ramifications for Brazil, FIFA!) and the heartbreak of ‘El Tri’, Mexico losing a hard fought battle at the last minute to the Dutch (who I no longer support after that!)

The agony! The ecstasy! The volatility and excitement!

I heart soccer!
I believe that we will win!

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