How to Flatten an e.m.papers Editable PDF

How to flatten an editable e.m.papers PDF from e.m.papers on Vimeo.

Our products, in particular wedding products, are editable because they are built in Adobe Acrobat using a form feature. Every spot where you can edit the text is actually a form field. These form fields are easily handled by any home printer.

Occasionally, however, the software in use at a printer or copy shop can't handle form fields, and won't print the wedding printable correctly. The most typical error being that the text won't show up. 

There's an easy way to fix this. The PDF form needs to be flattened. This can only be done in Adobe Acrobat Pro, but your printer or copy shop will have it. The video above shows how.

The steps are:

1. Save a copy of your printable 

2. Open that copy and go to 'Advanced' in the main menu

3. Under 'Advanced' select  the 'Preflight' option

4. Under 'Preflight', expand the 'PDF Fixups' section

5. Select 'Flatten Annotations and form fields'

6. You'll be asked to save another copy. Go ahead and do so. After you do that, Acrobat will automatically begin flattening the file.

Once the file is flattened, you can no longer edit the text (which is what also allows the printer to print it). But if you need to make fixes, you've still got your original version. Just try and make sure that the version you flatten is final (no typos, etc.) so you don't have to do it again.

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