How To Cut An e.m.papers Printable

How To Cut An e.m.papers Printable from e.m.papers on Vimeo.

I created a short video on my Vimeo channel, explaining how to cut an e.m.papers printable card.

Cutting is easy.

You'll need 3 things, a cutting surface, a cutting tool and a straight edge. I use a cutting mat, but you can use a piece of cardboard, anything that protects the surface below.

I also using an X-Acto Knife. I recommend using this type of cutting tool, or a paper cutter to get a clean edge. I don't recommend using scissors. It's very hard to get a straight edge that way.

Cut on the solid crop marks, not the dotted lines. The dotted line is just for visual reference.

Lay your template down.

Cut on the outside of the design, that way if you're hand slips, you won't damage the design of the card. Exhale and cut.

Don't cut to the edge of the paper, that way the crop marks will stay in place.

That's it!


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