Making Homemade Cards With French Paper Samples

printable blank note cards using French Paper samples

Even though you can (and should) use regular old printer paper with e.m.papers printables, it's always a good idea to have some nice paper around. You may want to whip up a card that feels a little special and a good way to add that extra something is with quality paper.

French Paper Samples used for home made cards

I've written before about where to order paper online. The first place I mention is French Paper. They primarily market to designers and businesses but they've redesigned their site (it looks FANTASTIC) and in this post describe how they've taken pains to make their content accessible to people of 'all experience levels' (not just design and print professionals).

They've also lowered their shipping costs, which is great news since paper is heavy. When we were in the states last fall I ordered almost everyone one of their sample packs. These packs are a great low risk/low commitment way to introduce yourself to cool and interesting papers.

I hate to admit it, but a few weeks ago I found myself without a card for a baby gift. I had a bunch of these editable note cards with greetings like 'Thank You' and 'Happy Birthday' but I just needed a pretty blank greeting card.

I ended up writing a little note on a one of these little Gmund blank business sized cards and putting it in one of my beloved Daiso envelopes. It was, if I do say so myself, a brilliant clutch solution but I would have preferred it to have been a proper e.m.papers homemade card.

To prevent this kind of thing from happening again I used some of my French paper samples and these black and white wrapping paper printables as a card pattern. I printed them on earthy, krafty paper from the Construction Sample Pack.

I paired the blank note cards with glassine envelopes. I love these, they go with any kind or color of card and they are a bit unexpected. You can by them by the truckload for cheap at hobby stores or online.

So now thanks to in part to my fabulous French Paper samples I have totally unique blank greeting cards, that I made myself and that are always at the ready.

French Paper Samples - Arrival Box

Lastly, even you don't buy anything from French Paper you should check out their site. If you enjoy great design you'll love their blog, Sample Room, which showcases amazing design work printed on their paper. They're also (of course) on Instagram too.

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