Free Printable: 'Do Not Forget ' Leaving the House List

Free Printable don't leave the house without list - e.m.papers

One thing that drives me nuts about motherhood is having an ongoing list or the things I need before I leave the house. It's like packing for a trip. Every. Day.

In Munich, where I live, we've had a really warm summer, which means lots of sunny days and trips to the pool. But we also have a lot of summer showers, which means being prepared for rain.

Inevitably I forget something crucial when I head out the door. The stupid rain cover thingy for the stroller, the swimming wings, a towel. On especially bad days, I'll open my diaper pouch to find I've forgotten to refill it. 

Forget 'Wallet, phone, keys'. My list of things to remember is well into double digits. I can't be the only one who is suffering this fate.

Don't forget list - leaving the house - free printable - e.m.papers

I've had this idea for a minimal, editable 'Don't Leave The House Without' list that I don't mind looking at for awhile. Something I could hang on the door to scan before I leave so I could dispense with the mental load of thinking through all the things I need to pack.

Today I finally banged out this 'Do. Not. Forget.' list and you can download it for free. All the text is editable so you can change it to suit your needs. 

You're welcome world!

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