Fonty Friday - Worthwhile

Fonty Friday - Worthwhile It was love at first sight when I saw this font. The hand-lettering trend is still going strong, but I find most hand-lettered fonts, a little vanilla and generic.

Fonty Friday - Worthwhile font - e.m.paeprs

What makes Worthwhile so striking is the variation in line widths. Compare the thick stem of the 't' with the thin ascenders on the 'w'. The font doesn't have a formal upper and lower case set of characters, but as you can see above, what's offered is a varaiation of size between versions of the lower case letters. 

Note the character for the ampersand '&', the word 'and' spelled out with a swashy ascender on the 'd'. Nice.

There are some limitations - there aren't a lot of extra characters, and as mentioned no upper case characters. But you can check it out for yourself, download it free here.

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