Fonty Friday: Pats @s

Pats @s - hot metal 'at' signs from Patrick Reagh PrintersAfter years of promises, I finally made my dad a website for his letterpress printing business. We had a lot of fun putting it together, photographing his work and projects.

Something I've always admired about my dad is his sense of whimsy. He's very clever and playful when it comes to both creating and naming his products. Case in point 'Pats @s'. This is the name he gave to a set of metal type @ signs, which he sells on ebay

Hot Metal @ signs from Pat Reagh Printers - Letterpress printing

The cool thing about the metal type he sells is that he owns some of the only/last remaining matrices (molds) for these typefaces. So if you're a letterpress printer or enthusiast who wants this specific character, in this specific font in hot metal, he's the guy you gotta go to!

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