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e.m.papers - Geotica - Fonty Friday

As a rule, I tend to avoid overly showy or display typefaces, but when I was trying to come up with a Art Deco/1920s/Great Gatsby style wedding invitation design last year, I came across Geotica. 

What I really liked about it was it's simplicity. It nods to the razzle dazzle and glitz of the golden 20s without being overly showy. The minimal serifs with the thicker stems of each character also give it a nice contrast. 

Classic Black and White 1920s wedding invitation set

In the Classic Black and White wedding design series I paired it with Herr Von Mullerhoff to really create an elegant, classic look. The 1920s overtones are best described by the word 'Swanky' (maybe that's what I should have called the invitation set!)

Geotica - e.m.papers - Fonty Friday

To me, Geotica conjures up images of silk dressing gowns, flappers, and glamorous old black and white films.

You can download Geotica free here.

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