Fonty Friday - Bebas

e.m.papers Fonty Friday - Bebas

Bebas is a work horse. It's a font I return to time and time again when I need an unfussy, serious but edgy typeface. 

Bebas font - e.m.papers Fonty Friday

You'll see it in lots of e.m.papers wedding invitation designs like Garden Party, Blue Green Geometric as well as the Minima printable calendar, to name a few. 

Garden Party Printable Wedding Invitation

Blue Green Geometric Printable Thank You Note

Printable Calendar with a Minimalist Typography design

The font only contains capital letters, which is fitting considering it's no-nonsense construction. 

When using Bebas, I usually try and temper it's strength with a nice script font, or very romantic design elements. The contrast  usually makes for a balanced, satisfying design.

Download Bebas free here.

P.S. You can also download a slightly altered version, Bebas Neue which has a wider variety of characters including European language letters like ä ö ü, etc.

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