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Thanksgiving meal photo by Anna Williams PhotographyAh, Fall. As the weather gets cold and crisp and the days get shorter my attention turns to the winter holidays, starting with Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, and despite living in Germany for around sixteen (!) years, I always find a way to celebrate. Whether it's making a simple dinner for myself and my husband, hosting friends or going to friends houses for a potluck meal. 

I've got a Thanksgiving pinterest board which I add pins to all year round. It's a great source of inspiration. It's full of yummy and innovative recipes like sweet potato cornbread and pumpkin panna cotta tart as well as helpful infographics on how much food to plan. It's also chock full of inspirational visuals like fall tablescapes and floral decorations.

Take a look! I hope you draw as much inspiration from it as I do.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo: Anna Williams Photography

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