e.m.papers Recipes: Slow Cooker Paleo Chili

Like everybody else on the internet, I love recipes. My husband and I recently went Paleo, so it's been a bit of a process replacing some of our go-to week night meals (formerly several involved pasta).

It's the heart of winter and there is nothing more that I love making and eating than hearty one pot meals in my slow cooker, like chili. Chili has beans though, which are a no-no according to the Paleo guide my husband ascribes to.

I found this paleo chili recipe from Paleo Newbie. I'm not a disciplined recipe follower, so usually I make something once or twice and then tweak it as I see fit. I really liked this recipe though (I was skeptical at first that it would be bland). I changed a bit (more salt, I love salt) and routinely experiment with the spices (adding smoked paprika, for example) and have found that this is a wonderful base recipe that lends itself to lots of modifications.

You can download the recipe here, and why yes, it is the e.m.papers recipe page template! You can download your own for your recipes here.

Guten Apetit!

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