e.m.papers is slowing down for the holidays - and a new baby!

e.m.papers expecting baby

If you follow e.m.papers on Instagram you might have seen this post a little awhile ago:

Despite his penchant for sleeping on the job, we're really glad we brought Louie on to the #empapers team. So glad that we've decided to add another team member, a baby girl! She's scheduled to show up for the job on Dec. 25th (!) but might be a bit early or a bit late. While we're showing her the ropes things will be very quiet around here. Custom jobs will be put on hold for at least three weeks, and take a little longer after that. You'll find more info on the shop. Thanks for your understanding!

Baby isn't here yet, but we're slowing things down, so no one gets left in the lurch. What that means practically:

  • Instant download files are, as always, available (yay!)
  • Wedding Printable Add-Ons like color changes, file adjustments and rush orders are as of Dec. 21, 2016 not available for order. We plan to be back up and running with these by mid-February, but that could shift.
  • We also won't be available to answer questions about files. Please review our detailed FAQs, Printing and Paper Guides and instructions for answers.

Thanks for your understanding, and wishing you happy, healthy holidays and a wonderful New Year!

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