e.m.papers in Real Life: Karen and Michelle

Several months ago I worked Karen to create some extra items for the Love, Joy, Happiness wedding templates that she ordered for her wedding. Like most e.m.papers customers she was really nice to work with, and went out of her way to share pics of how the items turned out.

She recently sent me a link to more of her beautiful wedding photos, which included the image above of the 'Love Joy Happiness' poster I created, which all of Karen and Michelle's guest signed, as well as this sweet comment:

Selecting this invitation was the first step in our journey. We knew we wanted to get married but we didn't know when. Purchasing this invitation suite set the intention and "theme." What could be better than Love Joy Happiness? When we set a date and began planning in earnest, everything was filtered through the lens of: does this reflect who we are, does it make us happy? People asked us why did you serve Lebanese food from a restaurant out of town (since neither of us are Lebanese)? Because it made us happy. Why did you wear a blue dress with red petticoat and blue vest? Because it made us happy, of course! We received many compliments on having such a joyful wedding. How could it not be joyful when we began with Love Joy Happiness?
Thank you for being flexible, responsive, and professional. I have recommended you to others.

Pictures and emails like Karens' remind me why I love my job!

Photo by Amanda Summerlin.

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