e.m.papers in Real Life: Anne & Ninos' Happy Bavarian Wedding

Anne and Nino wedding button

When I got married, we were in the midst of a wedding ‘wave’. That year we went to a wedding almost every month! It’s slowed down a bit now, but last August we got to celebrate the wedding of some younger friends, and I was reminded all over again how much I love weddings.

Lukaskirche in Munich

Wedding Ceremony at the Lukaskirche in Munich

Printable Wedding Program from e.m.papers featuring a lily of the valley design.

In the midst of these warm wedding-loving feelings, it was a delight to see the LeMayr wedding invitation designs throughout the celebration. The wedding ceremony took place right near our apartment at the beautiful Lukaskirche.

It was a special treat, because even though I pass by this church every day, I’ve never actually been inside.

Wedding ceremony with sunflowers at the Lukaskirche in Munich, Germany.

Celebrating after a wedding at a park near the Isar river, Munich, Germany

After the ceremony everyone walked across the road to have drinks and snacks at a small park that sits right at the banks of the Isar river. The reception was in the Bavarian countryside, and full of rustic charm.

Herzlich Wilkommen wedding reception sign in Bavaria, Germany

Wedding reception in Bavaria

Wedding reception flowers at a Bavarian wedding

The couple, Anne and Nino, used some of floral elements of the wedding set on additional items like the outside of the invitation envelope and to create a card thanking everyone who had contributed to the wedding celebration.

Rustic Bavarian wedding reception

Yellow rose wedding table number printable from e.m.papers

Hochzeitsmenü Vorlage Printable mit einer Rotweinflasche und Glas von e.m.papers

Printable Hochzeitskarte von e.m.papers - Hochzeit MitwirkendeThese days there’s a lot of emphasis on the style of the wedding, what the bride wore, whether or not the wedding was ‘blog-worthy’. All that goes out the window when you’re at the actual wedding. All that matters is that the bride and groom love each other and the collective good wishes everyone is sending out to the couple. 

A wedding is a life affirming celebration. I hope I get to attend another one soon!

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