e.m.papers Advent Paper Workshop - A Ton of Fun!

I won't lie, last Saturday was a hard day...at first. There was a lot more packing up, unpacking, setting-up and preparing than I anticipated for my Advent paper workshop at Glücksmaid. I started by preparing everyone's goodie bags.

After setting up the table and supplies, I got all the refreshments set up...

After everyone arrived around 3:00 p.m. and I explained the set up, supplies and let everyone have it, the first thing I did was poor myself a tall glass of prosecco, sit down and look around. What I saw was beautiful!

A beautiful mess of quickly moving hands, laid back chatting with breaks for some light noshing and everyone coming up with amazing Christmas paper items!

It was just as I hoped. After some initial tentativeness (all the supplies and options can get overwhelming) people's creative juices really got flowing. Everyone was also having so much fun! We all agreed we loved doing this kind of thing, but just would never do it at home, alone.

I got my mojo back after finishing my libation and came up with these:

Lots of fun with stamps and tags...

7:00 p.m. rolled around and people didn't want to leave! But that was fine, I had nowhere to be and was happy to keep working and chatting. I was also thoroughly enjoying the Spotify mix I made, if I do say so myself.

One lesson learned: Do the painting and potato stamping towards the beginning, it takes so long to dry!

I'm running two more of these (material fee of €29) and there are still spots left. If you live in Munich (or nearby) grab yours at the links below!

Saturday, 23. November at Glücksmaid
Saturday, 30. November at Glücksmaid



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