DIY Wedding: Wedding Invitation Email

The How to Make an Email Save the Date post I wrote a while back is so popular, I thought I'd write on on how to create an email template for an actual wedding invitation too. The steps are pretty much the same, it's just a little larger because there's more information on the invite.

Here's how you do it:

1. Select or create a digital design for your wedding invitation. I'm using my Monterey wreath and monogram style invitation design as a basis. Of course you can make your own design using whatever digital program you prefer. Standard sizes are A7 in the US (5 x 7 inches) and B6 (120 x 169 mm) for countries that use A4 sizing.

2. View the Invitation design on the screen so that it is either 100% or the text looks crisp and clear.

wreath and monogram printable wedding invitation

3. Take a screen shot. On a Mac you can use function + alt/option + shift + 4 to select a specific area. On a PC you can use the 'Print Screen' function to get a grab of the entire screen. Save the screen shot as a jpeg.

4. Use a simple photo editing program (like the free online photo editing software like Pixlr) to edit your wedding invitation screenshot. I used Photoshop for this, but you don't need such a powerful tool to do simple things like cropping and adding a border to the design (if necessary).  Make sure to save the image again as a jpeg.

How to make a Save the Date Email

5. Insert your wedding invitation jpeg image into a blank email. Just about every email program contains an option which allows you to insert a photo into the body of the mail. Insert the jpeg. I like to use the space bar before entering the image to give the invitation design a little 'air' so it isn't crashing up against the top of the email window.

How to make a wedding invitation email

6. Fool around with the email settings, such as alignment, background colors, text colors and fonts (see pic in step 5). Consider using the same fonts that you used on the invitations if you're able to use them in your email program as well for text like the RSVP line (which you can also make an email link which will make it extra convenient for your guests to respond).

7. Send! I created a video tutorial on how to make a save the date email awhile ago using Mail chimp. Of course, you don't have to use these kinds of services (many of which are free), but they do have cool features like tracking who has opened mails, etc. so they could be helpful.

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