DIY Stationery: How to add colored edges to printable cards

How to add colored edges to printable cards

A great way jazz up printable wedding cards (or any kind of printable card) is to add color to the edges. Not only does this add a subtle bit of color and handmade appeal to the final card, it is extremely easy to do. 

You can use markers, or a brush and paint to add the color to your. I used a neon pink Sharpie marker to give a black and white version of the Simple Heart wedding rsvp card. Perfect for a DIY wedding using wedding card templates.

Once you’ve got your printable cards ready and cut, just run the edge of the marker (or your paintbrush) along the edge of each card. It takes just a few seconds for each card. You’ll be unsteady for the first few, so cut out a few blanks for testers.

I recommend testing the coloring tool and medium (the marker or the brush and ink) on different types of paper first. Different papers absorb ink differently. Even if you carefully place the color only on the edge of the card, it may bleed onto the surface. 

On the other hand, a really absorbent paper could make each card look slightly different, giving each card a slightly unique look, and emphasizing the hand-madeness of the card. 

DIY stationery touches like this really stand out, especially these days, when stationery and cards can so easily and cheaply be ordered and printed. 

Have fun and happy experimenting!

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