Birth Announcement Email: A How-To

1. Select or create a digital design for your birth announcement. Surprisingly, I'll suggest an e.m.papers design like my favorite 'Lucy'. lf you order one of our photo birth announcements, a digital version of the announcement is included (so it's even easier then creating, say, a save the date email).

If you need to however, you can take a screen shot of a design. On a Mac hit function + alt/option + shift + 4 to select a specific area. On a PC, use the 'Print Screen' function to get a grab of the entire screen. Save as a jpeg.

2. Insert your baby annnouncement jpeg into an blank email. Most email programs have an option allowing you to insert a photo into the body of the email. Insert your jpeg. I hit the space bar a couple of times so the image isn't butting up right against the top of the email.

3. Experiment with the email settings, like alignment, background colors, text colors and fonts (see pic in step 2). If you have the same fonts used on your birth announcement your computer, you may be able to use them in your email program too. See our free fonts section for links to good free front resources.

4. Send! 

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