Big 2018 Valentine's Day Round Up Post

Another year, another Valentine's day. 

I've been married awhile and my German husband pretty much thinks that Valentine's day is manufactured American nonsense. I don't totally disagree with him, but still...

I'm not a conventionally romantic person myself, but I am festive. Acknowledging the day seems at the very minimum a must. 

Here's a round up of some of the posts from Valentine's past that are still relevant and hopefully enjoyable:

Printable valentine cards and labels
Valentine Ideas: Cards and Mini-Cards and Labels

Valentine's day Spotify playlist from e.m.papers

Valentine's Day Spotify Mix-Tape This post includes some of my amateur liner notes. A (now obsolete?) career I would have enjoyed in another life

The Confirmation poem

A free printable of The Confirmation by Edwin Muir, the Epithalamium (wedding poem) that my one of my sisters read at our wedding. My favorite love poem to this day.

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