Be Enveloped Show at San Francisco Center For The Book

San Francisco Center For The Book

If you follow my Instagram or Facebook you may have caught on that we’re in California.

Whenever I’m here I do my best to get to events that I only long after on social media when at home in Munich.  Much to my delight the San Francisco Center For The Book kicked off a show last week that is right up my alley.

Be Enveloped is a very neat-o collection of envelope and envelope paraphernalia curated by Alyson Kuhn and Michael Osbourne.

Be Enveloped Show in San Francisco


The exhibit included big envelopes, large envelopes, old envelopes, small envelopes and everything in between. There was even a large envelope making station.

We got a little punchy in the car on the way there (California traffic! The sole reason that keeps me from moving back). My husband, trying to get a feel for what this ‘envelope show’ was going to be all about asked ‘So, are like the gum makers going to be there?’ My dad explained that the professional term for that was actually ‘mucilage’ (who knew?). We then proceeded to make jokes about mucilage cocktail shots being passed around, and then not being able to speak because our lips would be sealed together after knocking it back.Fortunately instead of envelope gum, very nice wine was served.

Here are some snaps to enjoy:

Envelope diagram

A cool envelope diagram 

Old Americana style envelopes

Old Americana style envelopes

Beautiful envelope and card design

I found this set of cards an envelopes to be absolutely stunning

envelope show

Envelope nerd paradise

making envelopes

boxes of multi-colored envelopes

There was even an envelope making station!

fancy envelopes

Seriously fancy tasseled envelopes

Envelope paraphernalia

Envelope accessories, like washi tape and a cute little stamp box.

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