Backyard Wedding: How to Keep Your Guests Warm

Our backyard wedding was in Northern California. Most people think of California as warm, but NorCal can get quite cool in the evenings.Our ceremony started in the late afternoon and of course we planned the party to go into late at night and so we had to think about how to keep people warm.
So here are the three things we did to keep people warm:

1. Get mushroom heaters. I really, really didn't want heaters but it was the coldest summer in 50 years! So I came to my senses and realized it wasn't a good idea to have our guests freeze. and we ordered about 3 for each table.

2. Have plenty of small fleece blankets on hand. These were only a few bucks each at Ikea and we got tons. we rolled them up and wrapped them with some rustic twine and guests were very grateful to have them, especially during the post-dinner round of toasts. Afterwards we gave them away and took the remainders to goodwill.

3. Pull Out A Fire Pit. Towards the end of the evening we pulled out a fire pit (that we had already filled with newspaper and firewood). It was great to snack on the buffet leftovers, sing, chat and drink into the wee hours of the morning and fire pits really do keep a group warm on a cold evening.

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