Backyard Wedding: DIY Ideas

Backyard wedding

Spring is practically here and summer is around the corner.

All around the world, people will be tying the knot in a backyard wedding. I love, love, love backyard weddings, and had a kind of garden-backyard weding myself.

The graphic above shares some ideas I used for my own, as well as some new things I would try if I were to do it all over again.

1. Garden Party Printable Save the Dates - Here's the entire suite for this garden-inspired printable wedding invitation kit, which I designed for my own wedding. Easy to make and perfect for a laid back backyard wedding.

2. Bistro lights - These create a magical glow once the sun goes down. We got ours at and hung them between trees. We reinforced the line with heavy duty nylon rope from the hardware store.

3. Weck (or Mason) Jars with floating candles - I was at a friends birthday party awhile ago and she used this idea but added the extra touch of a sprig of rosemary and lemon slices. Instant charm.

4. Bakers Twine - You can use this for anything, from tying together silverware to adding bows to wedding favors and stringing up bouquets. I like this pistachio color twine from Garn und Mehr.

5. Picinic Tables and Benches - No need to rent fancy tables and chairs, you can keep it casual with lawn furniture like picnic tables and benches.

Want more inspiration? Check out my Backyard Wedding Pinterest board.

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